Law Offices of Popkin & Rosaler, P.A.


In 2001, while working on a problematic REO closing, Michael A. Popkin found it necessary to contact the attorney who represented the junior lien holder in the foreclosure action. That attorney was Brian L. Rosaler. This discussion not only led to the resolution of the issue but forged a mutual respect and friendship between the two attorneys. Over the course of time, and numerous subsequent discussions related to the law, the industry and the practice of being a foreclosure attorney, both sides decided it was time to establish a law firm that would be the bedrock of their ideas. In 2003, The Law Offices of Popkin & Rosaler, PA was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, the desire to provide quality and effective representation to secured creditors and to also provide a work place that attorneys and employees could take pride in.


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